Hongbo Wen

I am a PhD student at the School of Computer Science, UC Santa Barbara. My PhD advisor is Yu Feng. I am also glad to be guided by Yanju Chen at UC Santa Barbara and Isil Dillig at UT Austin.

Before attending UCSB, I received my undergraduate degree from Tsinghua University and had a two-year industry experience at Megvii and Veridise, focusing on using academic techniques to solve real world problems.

Research Interests

I am focusing on helping complex software systems, such as blockchain, zero-knowledge proofs, and operating systems, become more reliable and stable. I am also interested in combing logical reasoning and nerual reasoning and apply those methods in practice. Here are some keywords about my research:

  • Programming Languages
  • Program Analysis
  • Program Synthesis
  • Blockchain
  • Zero-Knowledge Proof

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(* Equal Contribution)
USENIX Security'24
Practical Security Analysis of Zero-Knowledge Proof Circuits
Hongbo Wen, Jon Stephens, Yanju Chen, Kostas Ferles, Shankara Pailoor, Kyle Charbonnet, Isil Dillig, Yu Feng
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Industry/Academia Engagements

(Engagements beyond pure research publications)
2022 - 12
Teaching - UCSB
Teaching Assistant

Do the teaching assistant for the following courses:

  • Winter'22 CS162, Programming Languages
2022 - 10
Research Assistant - UCSB
Research Assistant at PLSE Lab

2022 - 05
Internship - Veridise

Do the research internship at Veridise from 2022-05 to 2022-08, focusing on smart contracts auditing, especially using formal verification tools to make the auditing automatically.

Honors and Awards

2022 - 09
Academic Excellence Fellowship - UCSB

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